Case Studies

Case Studies

As the premier provider of solutions for achieving global alignment, MedEvoke has been fortunate to work with numerous top-20 pharmaceutical companies. Our proven track record is a testament to the methodology and expertise of the MedEvoke team. The following case studies highlight recent successes and the reason MedEvoke has become an essential strategic partner to the industry.

As the premier provider of solutions for achieving global alignment, MedEvoke has been fortunate to work with numerous top-20 pharmaceutical companies. Our proven track record is a testament to the methodology and expertise of the MedEvoke team. The following case studies highlight recent successes and the reason MedEvoke has become an essential strategic partner to the industry.

Achieving Enterprise-Wide
Alignment to Minimize Portfolio Erosion

A top-5 pharmaceutical company sought to minimize the market erosion for their full portfolio of late life-cycle global brands. In an industry that typically focuses only on top-of-mind awareness for mature and declining products, the company instead identified an opportunity to uncover additional differentiators from the vast quantity of existing data and create new compelling scientific narratives. To effectively execute this marketing strategy, though, the company needed to employ a strategically aligned narrative development process across all the brands.

To maximize brand value and achieve global alignment on each product’s scientific narrative, the company entered into an enterprise-wide partnership with MedEvoke. MedEvoke implemented a proven process for achieving alignment that included the following:

    • Comprehensive Literature Analysis: MedEvoke identified key differentiators that would offer value to patients, physicians, and payers and would substantiate the new scientific narratives
    • One Medical Voice: Evidence-based narratives were developed for each brand enabling a consistent communication platform and flexible global utility
    • Dynamic Internal Portal: Based on the narratives created by MedEvoke, we partnered with the client to create an interactive global resource to maintain strategic alignment and a robust connection between specific narratives and the most relevant clinical data

MedEvoke’s enterprise-wide solution enabled the client to implement consistent, compelling scientific narratives that were supported by data and offered the greatest opportunity for differentiation. Additionally, alignment across brands, operational functions, and geographic regions afforded a replicable solution for eliminating redundancy, maintaining message consistency, and enabling a seamless, familiar platform for staff that move from brand to brand.

Driving Success for Multiple Sclerosis

 A new product developed by a subsidiary of a top-10 pharmaceutical company was in Phase 2b development for the treatment of relapsing forms of MS. With an expected approval two years later and numerous stakeholders with competing goals, objectives, strategies, and budgets, the company sought a supplier to develop a globally aligned scientific narrative for the product.

MedEvoke employed a proven methodology to develop a global consensus-based scientific narrative. The process consisted of the following:

  • Comprehensive market analyses to determine unmet needs, competitor positioning, treatment paradigms, and market opportunities
  • Conference attendance to conduct KOL encounter programs and competitive intelligence
  • KOL advisory meetings and interviews to define and articulate the product’s differentiation points
  • Global alignment workshop comprising all stakeholders to begin the process of achieving strategic alignment
  • KOL validation of the scientific narrative
  • Completion and launch of the agreed-upon scientific narrative

The product successfully launched. MedEvoke continued to evolve the narrative via a strategic message evolution suite of offerings (e.g., data surveillance, KOL encounters, advisory board meetings, steering committee meetings) to adapt the narrative to market conditions and to maintain strategic alignment. 

Introducing a Novel MoA in Acute Heart Failure

A top-10 pharmaceutical company, was developing a novel agent for acute heart failure. The company needed to identify and unravel the complex pharmacological MOA for the product that would adequately support and describe its clinical efficacy to connect the unmet need and overall value proposition without overly complicating the narrative for patients, payers and providers. In addition, it was critical to consider the current cardiovascular market of products and competitors to adequately differentiate and highlight the overall value proposition from current and future marketed products.

MedEvoke developed and executed a scientific communications strategy and plan, including a scientific narrative that would be used for lexicon, medical education, data dissemination, and KOL/physician engagement that included:

  • A foundational review for scientific strategy and planning pre-launch
  • An evaluation of the essential endpoints for assessing acute heart failure therapies
  • Scientific imperatives and lexicon
  • Scientific communications platform
  • Internal and external validation of product narrative
  • Medical education and supportive field-based medical communications
  • Digital delivery and dissemination
  • Alignment of EMEA

MedEvoke effectively aligned internal cross-functional teams around the core differentiation and lexicon for the product which also served as the foundation for the scientific communications platform and all subsequent medical communications about the product, including publication and congress strategy, planning and execution, MSL-physician interactions, and medical information call categorization. MedEvoke analyzed the internal reporting mechanism to assess which imperatives garnered the most/least attention, thus driving where resource focus should be directed, including which content had the most resonance outside of the organization.

Building the Business Case to Maximize Value Proposition for Rheumatoid Arthritis

A top-10 pharmaceutical company is studying a biologic treatment for moderately-to-severely active rheumatoid arthritis. Currently in Phase 3 development, the company needed to identify ways to maximize the product’s value proposition across various patient subpopulations.

MedEvoke was asked to lead an initiative to build business cases for each subpopulation of patients including customer analysis, scientific rationale for therapy, and clinical evidence recommendations. MedEvoke is employing a four-phase approach to the process:

  • Secondary research, comprehensive literature review, and gap analysis to assess market potential, unmet needs and opportunities across each patient subpopulation
  • Primary research with rheumatologists to determine changes in medical practice, unmet needs, decision drivers, differences in treatment of subpopulations, and treatment barriers
  • Cumulative analysis of primary and secondary data
  • Business case development and reporting

This information will inform the decision to proceed with clinical development in some or all of the designated patient subpopulations and will be used to determine which markets offer the greatest opportunity and should be targeted for investment. MedEvoke will then be reengaged to develop strategically aligned scientific narratives for each patient segment.

Differentiating PDE-5 Inhibitors in
Vascular Disease Erectile Dysfunction

A co-marketed initiative between two organizations sought to drive differentiation in a competitively positioned market to support overall product value. It was critical to make the case for the most effective PDE-5 inhibitor based on basic and clinical science while considering key competitors, target patient profiles and market influence.

MedEvoke developed a scientific narrative that would be positioned around targeted stakeholders and developed a strategic data dissemination plan in order to maximize efforts and efficiencies. The process consisted of the following:

  • Evaluating of data, market, competitors and developing key medical strategy
  • Prioritizing and identifying key stakeholders based on the identified patient profile
  • Developing clear and concise scientific imperatives, scientific communications platform and lexicon, tailored to the specific stakeholders identified
  • Developing a comprehensive strategic medical communications plan that included:
    • Publication and congress displays reflective of medical specialties and geographic targeting
    • Stakeholder engagement plan, including KOL communication and identification
    • An internal cross-functional “Center of Excellence” for medical communications and tactical execution

By developing succinct scientific imperatives, MedEvoke effectively align internal cross-functional teams from both organizations around core differentiation and lexicon, and ensure there was clear distinction from PDE-5 inhibitors already on market. MedEvoke developed a dissemination and execution plan that supported the overall business objectives and medical strategy. The plan guided scientific communications dissemination across both organizations, therefore driving a clearly defined execution strategy that was critical to uptake and use for the greatest value and impact of efforts.

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